MA-2 - Refurbished Digital Hearing Aids

$189 per aid
List Price: $899.00
I have been advised by Advanced Affordable Hearing, LLC that the Food and Drug Administration has determined that my best health interest would be served if I had a medical evaluation by a licensed physician (preferably a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear) before purchasing a hearing aid.
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The MA 2 Has Been Replaced With The HC Z1. If you need a hearing aid with similar performance to the MA 2, Click Here To See Our Latest HC-Z1.

The MA-2 - An affordable digital hearing aid rich with features

The Refurbished MA-2 has brand new electronics, but the plastic case has some cosmetic blemishes that are not visible when you are wearing it. It comes with a full 6 month repair warranty. 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Looking for matching batteries? Click here! Looking for tubes and domes? Click here! *List price is for one (1) hearing aid.

With the MA-2 you get a great digital hearing aid with feedback management and noise reduction. With both a volume control and a push button, you can adjust the sound to meet your situation and improve your overall listening experience!

Detailed Information

The MA-2 digital hearing aid is your best value in hearing. With new, almost invisible slim tube style, this small behind the ear hearing aid will help you hear clearly at an unbelievable low price. If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss, this hearing aid may be perfect for you - and at an incredible price!

Key Features: 
  • Digital Processor for the best overall quality of sound
  • Comfortable Behind-The-Ear Design
  • Adapted for Open Fit Use
  • Automatic Feedback Management means less whistling and squealing
  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Full Range Volume Control
  • Low Battery Consumption
  • Rated at over 300 hours of use per battery (almost 3 weeks)
  • Battery Size 13
  • Push Button Control to go between listening programs:
    • 1 for normal listening
    • 2 to reduce background noise
  • Low Frequency Tone Control adjusts very simply with a small screwdriver (included). This allows you to adjust the hearing aid for the balance between the low and high frequency sounds to match your hearing loss and improve clarity.
  • Maximum Loudness Limiter - adjusts very simply with a small screwdriver. This allows you to limit the overall loudness of the hearing aid.
  • Power-on Delay
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Works with most hearing losses from mild to severe
Technical Information: 
  • Peak Value - 123dB
  • Maximum Gain - 52dB
  • Battery - 13
  • Total Harmonic Distortion at 1600Hz - ¡Ü5%
What's In the Box: 
  • One MA-2 Hearing Aid
  • One thick tube and dome
  • One flex tube and 3 different size domes
  • Adjusting Screwdriver
  • Storage Case
  • Cleaning filament for tube
  • 4 pack size 13 battery

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